Silent Walk release and production end dates
Silent Walk FPS Creator 1.0 August 2006-June 2007
Silent Walk FPS Creator 1.1 July 2007-March 2008
Silent Walk FPS Creator 2.0 March 2008- August 2009
Silent Walk FPS Creator 2.0 is the final release of Silent Walk. It has a new GUI, and boasts an engine upgrade. This version of Silent Walk has been proven to be very buggy.

End of developmentEdit

Development on the Silent Walk FPS Creator series has ended as of August 21st, 2008.

Dear Silent Walk Users, I would like to inform you, that I stopped developing Silent Walk. In the last few weeks new registration keys were purchased via PayPal so I sent out the registration keys. Then the buyers issued a chargeback, claiming they didn't want to buy the software. Please note that these users are also here on this forum using different email addresses and names. Since the registration keys were sent out I tried to hold back my money. After a long process and dispute between me, PayPal and the buyers credit card company, my evidences (the email with the registration keys) were not enough, and they debited $25 my account for each purchased keys plus $10 fee for each transactions. As a result the buyers have free registration keys and I have to pay fees. This is not that I could call supporting and motivating my work, and it wasn't the first case so I decided to stop working on Silent Walk. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing, so I am also thinking about closing the site. I don't want to hurt honest people, I have a proper list with the users who really paid for SW, so they will get updates and bugfixes. Regards, Zoltan